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No matter where we are or what are interests are it is amazing how new media is involved with so many aspects of our lives.  I was impressed with how new media introduces us to and educates us about not only our culture, but others as well.  Prior to this assignment I new a good deal about new media but never realized its overall scope.  I feel that new media can be especially beneficial to businesses and those seeking employment because it allows you to connect, collaborate and provides a showcase for one’s activity.


New media is a spin on traditional ways of communicating.  Through new media one can interact and communicate in a variety of ways by using the Internet.  Throughout the semester I became more informed on how to use the social media tool Twitter.  After the module about Twitter and journalism I was interested in keeping up with celebrities and several fitness instructors I like.  My first attempt with Twitter wasn’t that great. I was confused about how everything worked.  However, now that I have given it a second chance I am somewhat addicted to it.  I like the fact that Twitter along with other social media tools allows for real time communication. 


New media is a great way for connecting and establishing new relationships with people and businesses that you would otherwise not have exposure to.  It is also a way of rekindling relationships with people that you have lost touch with because of distance.  For this reason I really enjoy Facebook.  I use this new media to keep in touch with my relatives from Italy and in Memphis Tennessee.  I also have a brother who lives in Texas who I am very close with.  Facebook allows me to still keep in touch on a daily basis and is an easy and fun way to just check in and see what’s new with everyone. 



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My experience with wordle

I have enjoyed blogging about new media and culture using  This wasn’t too new to me since I had used this website for a previous course.  Since I previously created a blog I found it was helpful this time around because I spent less time trying to figure out how to navigate around.  There was only one obstacle I encountered with wordpress.  Selecting a blog title is the easy part.  What is hard is trying to get the title approved!  I tried numerous titles before I was finally given the approval for MediaProliferation.  If I wanted the other titles I tried before there was a fee to pay so I kept trying until I came up with something new.  Overall wordpress is pretty user friendly.  The links are straightforward and make blogging fun and easy.  I would like to experiment more with making my theme more interesting.  It would be nice to add some photos or create my own background. 


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New Media Connecting Celebrities & Fans

Years ago the closest fans would come to celebrities would most likely be in the form of their “fan club” or writing fan mail and never receiving any feedback.  Fast- forward to today and we have a whole different scenario.  With the help of social media celebrities are now able to connect with their fans in more ways than ever.  However, I wonder if it is truly the celebrity doing the interacting?  How can we really be sure of this?  Regardless it is still pretty exciting to get Tweets and Facebook posts from your idol. 


Depending on the way you look at it new media can be both positive and negative for celebrities.  On the positive aspect they are able to interact more and stay in touch with their fans building a stronger relationship with them.  This also allows them to get to know their fans better and vice-versa.  The downfall to social media could be that celebrities never get a break.  What I mean by this is that their every action is somehow reported all over the Internet with the help of social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter.  I guess that’s what you get when you become a prominent public figure.  I honestly don’t know if I would be able to deal with all of the gossip and information circulating about me through social media if I were famous.  What are your thoughts on this?


Regardless social media tools such as Twitter are excellent ways for fans to get inside glimpse of the lives of their favorite celebrities.  I feel that this is a fun way to learn more and connect with people.  In a way you feel like you’re getting to know the celebrities even though you may never get the chance to ever meet them, social media is the best way to get a closer look.

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New Media & Blogs

New media and blogging…when is it “enough”?  I recently found several blogs that I faithfully follow that pertain to my interests.   These blogs are mainly about healthy living.  The topics discussed on them range from health, fitness, and food/recipes.  Now don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy reading the posts each and every day.  The information provided is very useful to me. I also feel that blogging is an excellent way to express yourself.  In fact writing can even be seen as something to relax yourself and unwind by getting all of your feelings out.

There have been a number of days when I notice on my news feed that a new blog is posted and the moment I go to read it I soon regret it.  The reason is because people simply post information that is just too personal.  I understand that through the blogging community you form “friendships.”  However, if I were to create my own personal blog I wouldn’t include too much of my personal life.  I guess I’m just a little weary of who is actually reading my blog and their reasons for it.  Now I understand you can turn this whole statement and say that the creators of the blogs I follow may wonder the same about me.  It’s just that with so many people accessing the Internet it is crucial to be careful with how much you share and with whom you share it.

What are your feelings on this topic?  Are you cautious of what you post online?  I have mentioned numerous times that new media is wonderful.  The problem is when you loose track of the wide range of people you are reaching out to when you post information on the Internet.  The only way to truly be safe is when you create a blog that only allowed members can follow.  I noticed this when I tried to read some blogs.  There is a page that comes up that allows only people that were accepted to read the posts.  Personally I think this is a great safety tool and definitely something that I would like to utilize.

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New Media & Radio Stories

New media has certainly had an impact in the way stories are represented.  It’s almost as if digital story telling has grown in popularity lately.  I personally enjoy online storytelling.  The beauty of hearing stories, and radio commentaries online is that it enables listeners to actually hear the emotion and realism in the presenter’s voices.  There’s just something about hearing someone tell their story as opposed to just reading the words. I also like how online radio stories leave more to the imagination.  When you hear the voices of the people speaking you try to envision them and follow along with their story in your mind.

I recently listened to the clip titled: 6 Miles of Silver Ribbon:  Locals Protest Christo on the NPR media player.  The clip is about an artist Christo, who would like to do an art project in Colorado Canyon and how people disagree with his ideas.  Putting stories like this news story online allows people from different areas of the country to hear about this situation.  For example while locals could turn their televisions on and hear the story on the news, people like myself may not hear about this story at my location.  Therefore, being able to search and retrieve videos like this show how new media allows information to be accessible to all and how it can to spread so easily.

Read more about Christo and the controversy here:


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Video Games & Memes

New media can also be used for video games.  Ever hear of a meme before? To be honest, I did not have the slightest clue what that term was until I did a little research. According to Tim Brooks, a meme is “an in-joke that gains popularity and establishes itself with a contrast stream of derivatives.” (

When I began searching for video game memes I can across this website:


There were several funny and entertaining memes that I really enjoyed.  One game I’m sure we are all familiar with is the classic Super Mario Brothers.  I grew up playing this game on Nintendo and had a little chuckle after seeing this meme:


Memes enable users to show their creative and artistic side.  I liked this creation of Mario because it really depicts what a meme is.  Memes can connect cultures together as well as generations.  This picture was created online and is therefore available and can be shared all over the Internet.  I haven’t played Super Mario Brothers in so many years but after seeing this image it brought back memories and made me smile.  I think that is one of the benefits of video game memes. 

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New Media & News

How do you get your news?  My parents still enjoy reading our local paper every morning to get the latest information.  As for me I would much rather turn my lap top on and quickly access my news online.  My parents like to actually feel the paper in their hands.  I guess there’s just something about holding a book or paper and reading from it?  That may be one down fall of new media.  On the other hand, new media allows you to access information from any location in mere seconds.  Our smart phones, tablets, computers etc.  bring us information very quickly.  I think people enjoy this feature because today people are always rushing.  We need to find time to fit everything into our busy schedules and new media allows us to take our news with us on the go and pretty much instantly.  Even when I log on to check my mail in the morning I notice headlines in yahoo news.  I like seeing the small photos and headlines of topics this way I can just skip quickly and decide what articles I am interested in reading. 

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New Media & Art

New media allows us to interact with other cultures at the comfort of our own homes.  Did you ever think it would come to that point?  I think that this is a wonderful feature of new media because I can virtually visit a museum in my pajamas if I felt like it.  It’s so fun to tour online galleries it in the comfort of my house.  In my opinion, being able to tour a museum at the actual location doesn’t give me the same feeling as it would if I were really there.  However, it’s a very good alternative.  I really enjoy Thomas Cole paintings and have always wanted to visit The Thomas Cole National Historic Site in the Catskills.  After some searching I came across this website:  and became very excited.  Since I don’t have the time to get out there at the moment, the website offers a great collection of Thomas Cole’s paintings!  There is a virtual gallery and a page offering landscape paintings as well.


New media makes visiting museums possible for virtually everyone no matter their location.  I am fortunate enough to not be extremely far from the Thomas Cole National historic site but others are quite a distance away.  Someone from California for example, can still “experience” what the museum has to offer.  Being able to share information through new media is one of the best ways to connect us to other cultures.

 Often times museums have images, side commentaries and interactive reference tools that take the user on a different kind of exploration that is still exciting.  Sometimes you don’t have to be starring right in front of a painting to fully understand it and study it.  Online images of museum paintings provide you with more tools to decipher information than the actual painting in the museum has. 

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I’m almost ashamed to admit this but I have a confession to make…I am guilty of watching all the Jersey Shore episodes.  I don’t know what it is about that show but I just got hooked on it.  Personally, I don’t agree with the premise of the show one bit but find it pretty entertaining.  So what is it about these shows that make us so addicted?  Perhaps some of the buzz created and sustained about various television shows increases our overall appeal of them.

For example, there are several blogs and websites about Jersey Shore.  I found a website on MTV where you can watch previous episodes, recaps, sneak-peaks, and bonus clips.  This is a feature that would not have been available years ago.


Facebook even has a fan page for Jersey Shore shown here:

This is a good feature because fans can talk with one another about each episode and “character”  You can see pictures too. There is even a Jersey Shore shop link.

New media like Facebook allow people to become more interactive.  This would not have been able to happen 15 years ago.  Fans can also Tweet while they watch episodes with people all over the world.  I feel that new media helps build a huge online community and bring cultures together.  Today we can hear opinions of people from half way across the country whereas years ago this was not possible.  The Internet didn’t have as many social media tools available like it does now.

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Has anyone ever heard of RadioLab?  If not I highly suggest visiting there website here:


Basically this is a website that hosts all types of podcasts for people to listen to at their leisure.  This is a very interesting site because it shows us a different side of radio.  In this case, it is showing how new media can be used as a form of listening to your favorite radio program.  The only difference is instead of the radio you are actually listening to each podcast on the Internet.  I found this to be a very convenient tool because it allows more people to find time to listen to a clip or program they are interested in.  If you can’t or simply don’t have access to a live radio segment, radiolab is a great alternative.  Another fun aspect of Radiolab is that you can leave comments and see what other people think of the podcasts available.  RadioLab also allows its listeners to share, tweet, or like any podcast they listen to.  Ultimately this feature is a very effective way to spread the word because using popular social media tools like Facebook and Twitter you can reach a large group of people in very little time.  I feel that Radiolab can be a very effective tool that can connect cultures together.  For instance, if I could share a link to a podcast I listened to on my Facebook page with someone I’m friends with across the country.  Since that person can’t hear the radio program from their location they don’t have to be left out and miss any information.  Instead, with the click of a button social media tools like RadioLab allow people to still stay informed no matter their location.


I listened to a few podcasts on the website.  One in particular was called Mapping Tic Tac Toe-dome:


There were several features I enjoyed about Radiolab.  Personally it was nice to just be able to hear someone’s voice telling their story.  Narrating a story helps bring it to life.  I also enjoy getting information in the form it is presented on Radiolab.  Listening to each story helps me process the information better because I can get a better feel for what is being said through the emotion and inflection exhibited in their voices. 

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